How Bixby will Change the Way You Watch TV

So, I was interesting on what Samsung just did with Bixby - an AI innovation born on Smart TV (after what they did on some of Samsung flagship phones). Anyway, I've been testing out for several question to her and here I give it 3 star out from 5 (from the TV I tested).

There are several questions she didn't understand, even a simple basic math quiz. A quite time her took to answer for another question also makes me annoyed, even she could reach the answer over the internet. I think it's only a matter of the processor, but it's a major one for me.

CMIIW, I thought that I couldn't make my Bixby learned after I testing her on my TV. It's kinda different from her "clone" on my Note 9. But yes... I believe that she will change the way you guys to watch the TV - in couple years.

Is there someone out there can give me an insight? Write a comment below & don't forget to subscribe to this channel, share & like it. See you again for upcoming video... Bye!

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