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For over a month and still don’t have any external projects to deal with. This situation give no any clarical jobs. All I had done this day was play around with radit and his new threecycle.

Now, I am sitting in my labs. Right away on a chair in front of my old laptop. Hearing a bit strains of Joe Satriani's guitar while a cigarettes on my left hand, and the other hands hanging this iPAQ - writing blogs likes I used to be. My wife and my child laid to beds not so long ago.

My watch shows digits 09:15 pm. My eyes focused on this small 3,5" PDA screen. Hmm.. Not so bad having this gadgets. It is small multifunction box with various purposes. It's a phone equiped with computer functions. I have this iPAQ 6365 series for more than a years and there is no problem came by likes some others gadgeters forum said. I am using old 1.00.38 ROM version.

I am typing this blog using a standard writer - Pocket Word -, even the top application Textmaker from Softmaker already installed on my 1GB SD card. There are lots of usefull programs stored on it after few days hard searching on the internet. Lets me explain one by one. I have divide it for some categories, such an application, multimedia, office, internet and games.

- Adobe Acrobat Reader 1.0 for Pocket PC
- BatteryTime Plus; today screen plugins
- CabInstall; install whereever you want
- CellCall Blocker; create phonebook blacklist
- CodeStore, secure your personal datas
- Spb Full Screen Keyboard 2.0
- novii Remote Deluxe; TV, AC, HiFi remote
- PHM Tools; tune up your Pocket PC
- PhotoContacts Pro; phonebook plugins
- PocketLamp; usefull in dark room
- PocketRuler; digital ruler
- Position; it's OOT
- pRSS Reader; read kompas, indosiar news
- PrintPocketCE; print to printer function
- ScreenLock; save your battery life
- Spb Backup; professional backup
- SpaceMaker; RAM and ROM improvement
- TotalCommander; replace your File Explorer
- vBar; more effective task manager (for me)
- Tube; jakarta map lay there
- MapKing3D v7; explore Jakarta from PDA
- PocketDOS; running a DOS application, eg: SISCADU

- Flash Player; SWF player for Pocket PC
- Pocket Artist; Photoshop a la Pocket PC
- PocketTV; watch MPG and DAT movies
- RealPlayer; watch RM movies
- WinamPAQ; Pocket PC version of Winamp

- BDicty; dictionary on your hands
- CHM Reader; a must have for programmer
- HaaliReader; read PRC and PDB e-book
- PocketQuran; complete holy quran
- Softmaker Textmaker; MS word for PPC
- Softmaker Planmaker; MS excel for PPC

- Pocket IE Plus; ie7 on your Pocket PC
- PockeTTY; remote linux shell from PPC
- VNCViewer; remote GUI client
- WinMobile Torrent; download torrents

- Age of Empires; top strategy games
- GTS Racing; cool racer games
- PortaPinball; favorite pinball
- Zuma; he..he..he..

Okey, that's all. Perhaps you could suggest an application I should have? All the programs above is stored at my personal site;


Eko Wahyudiharto
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