Acer Aspire One A105 with Windows XP Performance Experiments

This is my reports about measuring AAO A105 on Windows XP after succeeded upgrading from Linux Linpus. On previous article, I also tests ‘his brother’ - AAO A110 which originally bundled with XP Home & 120GB hard drive. So, we will figure out the comparison of both machines, typically the same but with minor difference, the storage. To gain equal results, still I used the same benchmark application which was SiSoft Sandra 2003 & 3DMark 2003.

The first test takes the comparison of CPU arithmetic benchmark. SiSoft result explains that Dhrystone ALU & Whetstone FPU/SSE2 in AAO A105 actually higher 20 MIPS than AAO A110.

Take a look further to CPU multimedia benchmark; Integer iSSE result on AAO A105 was lower than AAO 110 with fine disputes, 6033 vs. 6049 iteration per second (it/s).

Anyway, cache memory benchmark on both systems (the same 1 GB on each) has none difference. Take a look detail on the blue line below referring to the AAO A105.

How about the memory speed? It shows that AAO A105 few faster with 31 mark slightly than AAO A110. But it’s no big deal with that.

The only amazing point downward to AAO A105 is the very poor storage index. Even that SiSoft couldn’t finished this test completely. It hangs on the middle of the test while the storage led show it’s busy indicator. Although I had apply the SSD tweak manually but it feels doesn’t give any effect.

One thing for sure that AAO A105 has a bit score for gaming machine category than AA0 A110, with 17 mark difference. Is a real game benchmark left off the storage index measurement?

Anyway, for me instead, AAO A105 is such of interesting machine, especially with SSD built-in on it. The SSD performance is great on Linux while the other way, it’s poor on Windows. Even though, I still couldn’t find the answer what is wrong with that. Was it caused by ‘low quality’ SSD hardware or lack of Windows XP standard device driver? Anyone has the answer?

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