Make a Chat from Single IM Account to Multiple IM services

If I only have a single IM account, can I make a chat with my friends who have different account on Google Talk, MSN Live, AIM or Yahoo Messenger? For example, if you have & you can chat with or or If you’re on this case, I said: Yes you can! Being have a single IM account will looks more personally than anyone who kept several different of it. Let say, if you had a Yahoo account (eg:, then your chat communication is limited to your friends who has the same domain from It is equal if you have Google account (eg: since your friends only comes with the same domain. Then, how to make a chat conversation from one account to friends who has different account? Just use a Google account (or any email domain name you want), register it to Live, download & log on from Windows Live Messenger (or your favorite universal IM client).

On this experiment, I using Google Apps account with personal domain name (eg: By default, Google Apps can communicate with Google Talk users from & AIM account (after you registered to AIM). As the picture displayed above, you need to submit your email address to Windows Live first. Once you have registered to it, you will have the “passport” to communicate with MSN Live, Hotmail & Yahoo users. The last thing is, download Windows Live Messenger & try out to log on from it.

Now, you ready to chat with Yahoo messenger account. Try to send a chat request to one of your friend. The same picture below will display on your screen.

While on your friend screen will display a similar picture below:

On above picture, both of red circle explain that the conversation comes from non-Yahoo account (the first red circle will inform your email address, while the lower red circle displayed the Live logo and an online sign). But, what if your friend using Pidgin client? The pidgin will say that you’re offline. Pretty weird but it’s true.

Anyway, you still can make a chat with it. Moreover, if you use an universal IM client (eg: Pidgin or PSi), it will simplified your chat time since you only need to setup several IM services from your single registered email address. Have a nice try & please share your opinion below.

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