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This is an old-school wizard, but if anyone of you that still newbie with Blackberry, here's a clue about how-to setting up a Google Apps custom domain email account in Blackberry. I'm sorry I don't have such a great article this month but this one is special for you :). Anyway, for god sake what you need is (1) a Blackberry device and (2) a running-well Google Apps based email also (3) an active Blackberry service connection.

Fire up your Blackberry and pointing out to Email Account icon under Setup Wizard menu.

Select Internet Email Account type for you Google Apps email.

Click Set up another email account button.

Choose Gmail:

Assumed that you have a domain and want to make an email account with, so type out that both user account and password in the screen then finished with Continue button.

The wizard has now completed. The screen will provide you a little advanced  setting such as signature and others type settings.

Click Continue button and wait until all email services is being activated.

And voila! Your email setup has been completed. It's an easy way, folks...

If you want to continue to Google Talk Instant Messenger Setup, press Continue button. Otherwise, you can exit from wizard screen and back to Home by clicking Return to Setup button.

Happy using your new email from Blackberry :)

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