My E7 Journey: PR1.0 - Anna - Belle

It's been a long time since I left my E7 - a great expensive gadget but sticked to old man named Symbian :). For some reason I switched to BlackBerry 9105 Pearl, a more handy smartphone and also 100% support for my business (BBM and Email). The E7 was the latest Nokia's communicator family with better build material and adopting slim unichrome body just like it's rival, the iPhone. A complete review about it, I wrote in this blog right on active link: Have a reading!

PR 1.0
The first birth of E7 implant the 5th Symbian generation, called PR 1.0. It's quite attractive OS but lack with lag after using it several times. A periodically reboot was needed to refresh the E7 brain.

On the net at that time, Nokia fans stumbled about some rumors talking about the next generation of Nokia OS. The options was MeeGo, Android, Windows Mobile or still with... Symbian. Based on Wiki page, Symbian OS actually built from Qt. Considering to the equivalent of hardware specs, Qt more "light-weight" than Java (Android based OS). That's the reason why Nokia still stick with Symbian rather than Android based OS. And nor to Microsoft WP, CMIIW.

On August 2011, finally Symbian Anna released officially by Nokia and it available to download via OTA.

It took about 67MB to update from PR1.0 to Anna. Thank's to my office net for providing me the best and fast internet link (at that time). The update process finished about 20 minutes and the previous 3rd party application installed before was still run.

The GUI experiences accelerated on Anna. The performance overall increased about 15-20%.

A physically different between the previous OS and Anna was the icon trademark - a shape rounded.

Therefore, lots of improvements in it including the browser, touch-screen speed reaction and more features.

But still, users experiences never lie. Nokia got some wonderful hardware, and still Nokia freak like me will say that Symbian in fact was so slow on run, buggy, also poor on innovations (R&D).

However, it's Nokia evolution time to rise the future of Symbian. Pure Qt as described earlier is designed to Anna or later (not to prior of S^3). Nokia plans to migrate it's OS architecture slowly since they have hundreds phone models (limited to various hardwares). And this is not an easy job to aligned all of it. Just for example, as Nokia promising that the update of Anna will be available at the end of 2011, but the fact is not what it said.

Anyway, at last, Belle update officially released in February 2012. As it shown on Software Update screen, but sorry to say that this update ONLY available via the last version of Windows PC Suite (not OTA).

Seems Nokia still have great homework to provide a multiplatform PC Suite, since I must to close my Mac & switch back to Windows to download the software.

With this latest suite, the detection of patch-update will displayed on screen.

So reasonable that Nokia ordering the update through PC while the phone plugged-in since it takes about 358MB of total Belle update.

The procedure is still the same; downloading, backing-up, install & restoring.

But it needs couple of minutes longer because Belle OS is defined as a major upgrade.

After it done, see... You'll never regret :)

The Belle has some great improvements, it totally different than Anna. Here I post a big key features after using Belle for couple days:
  1. One important point: Belle is fast! Moving around screen by screen is speedy, no lag, no delay.
  2. GUI's more similar to Android & up-to 6 home screen is available now. The screen is designed efficiently, the status bar holding the battery, signal bar & clock is minimized, giving a larger content area to display, just like Android.
  3. The battery life is improved. Still it's subjective to me :) But while I'm playing with this phone for hours, the battery remains is slower than Anna.

That's all. I think Nokia now is succeed with the Belle update. Now, it's time to prove your self! Have a smooth upgrade to Belle :)

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Eko Wahyudiharto
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  1. Blogger Adi Riswan said,

    Sunday, February 12, 2012 10:55:00 PM

    You said : "I think Nokia now is succeed with the Belle update"

    I said : "I think Nokia now is succeed to follow Android style through the Belle update"

    They was a trend setter, but now they're be a follower. What a shame. Nokia has some great and well-made phones. Symbian make it worse.

    It's not who's the cleverest who win the competition, but who's the fastest.

  2. Blogger Eko Wahyudiharto said,

    Monday, February 13, 2012 8:44:00 AM

    Thanx for your comment, but please see key features I post above. Wether it's a trend-setter or just follower, the Nokia goal is how to rise the Symbian from it's dead. Or users will left them out.

    * After this Belle update, I'm canceling my plan to sale my E7 :)

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