The Battle of 2020 Smart Assistant

Bixby is 1 year old younger than Google Assistant (GA), that's why she loose in this battle today on 2020. The battle contains 20 "hard level" questions consists of 4 What's, 4 Who's, 3 Where's, 3 When's, 4 How's, also 2 of Math & Statistic. Click the video below to watch the fight...

It looks like that Bixby doesn't have her "capsule" on location information instead of GA with Google Maps right on his hands, literally.

And the Artificial Intelligence (AI) fight still continue, this time Cortana vs Google Assistant on Windows 10 right here below, just click to watch the video - Anyway, sorry for the echo on first scene.

In conclusion, congratulation to Google Assistant as the winner. While the round up is Cortana and Bixby at the third. Anyway, thank your for watching & leave your comment below. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel, share & like the video if you love. And see you on my upcoming video. Bye...

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