Official Issues of the Month

This is some resumes after the first meeting with my new boss on last tuesday:

My corporate hosting was activated yesterday. I've done the job. It's time to wait for the domain routed to the new IP address. In my opinion, it's need for few days to reactivating the sites (

By the way, the application made by my self was ready for a month ago. It was based on PHP scripting languages and MySQL database back-end. The custom-made encryption modules added to strength the security.

At the same time, the e-learning PUSDIKLAT sub domain was just created and the whole scripts has already uploaded in order to prepare for the next closest meetings (it's about this weeks) with the PUSDIKLAT teams and need to be beta tested by the operators.

The holding corporate sites (PT. Era Permata Sejahtera) is just waiting for the next assessment content pages, while the main administration area has fixed 2 weeks ago. It seems that I have been through all of the hard season coded.

Linux goes to branches plan needs to be re-planed after some minor problems founded. It takes some times and also few actions to make a conclusion answer likes re-creates the computers lab mirroring the branches condition, collecting information from all resources, etc.

Another jobs I should do is to re-organized the linux fedora core 4 applications package in order to support purchasing about 450 new server computers for the replacement the old one at the branch offices all over the indonesia. It quites simple for me to do as I was the project leader for the last same mission.

I think that my schedules to impress my new boss has succeded. But honestly, my journey is again begin to start with extra mission: NEW OFFICIAL POSITION. Hopefully, have to be completed this year.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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