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Finally, my spare time jobs on KDE had already continued. I am being an Indonesian translator team there which doing translating for next KDE releases. I am so exciting to contribute these projects after several years having debt of kindness using LINUX in order to support my works.
Currently, KDE having lacks of Indonesian translator (take a look at: or I was in as volunteer to bring life the Indonesian page existences. Before my submition into the team, I was in the middle of email conversation with Mr. David Fraue (email) regarding to my question about the projects he developed. In his last email, he offered me joining the Indonesian team since no one contributors present at that time. It was happened couple months ago.

Then after, he forwarding me to met Ariya Hidayat (now as team coordinator at kde team and ad-interim "official" replacing I Made Wiryana position for a while at

Nowadays, i've been seriously taking a part of kdelibs translation. Hopefully 100% completed at the end of this month as was planned before.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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