A Call from Red Hat Staff

Yesterday morning at 10.00 am, my cell phone was ringing. It displayed "unknown" caller on the lcd's. As like usual, I ignored the ringing since I though somebody by using IM3 hidden number has been playing on me.

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At 03.00 pm, it was ringing again and displayed the same "unknown" caller. Well, it was ods. Maybe one of my clients needed me right away, I though again. I was ready to picked up the phone and said "halo...". Someone out there with english blended by chineese malay accents replied "hello, can I speak with mr.eko? I am an agent from redhat asia-pacific regional..." etc etc. I was absolutely surprised since it was from redhat staff. He gave some informations regarding to their LINUX commercial products compared to fedora core free releases. Two thumbs up for their quick respons! (even I'm not their customer yet).

Well, indeed earlier in the morning, I used to made a contact with Mr. Rahul Sundaram (the fedora core help desk and bugs searcher) asking about un-existing technical support of fedora core projects implemented on the company I've been worked at. However, he replied my question and also forwarding it to the redhat official support staff.

Now, I am seriously curious about what is reside inside the redhat enterprise linux 4. Is it compatible with dosemu 1.3.1? How far the problems show up compared due to tons failed hardware in fedora core 4? Is there any revision regarding to printing manager and support to my incoming projects (RAW printing with delphi on crossover)? Is there any differents with the kernel version (fedora core 4 with 2.6.11 and redhat enterprise linux with 2.6.9)? We'll see it after I found it, ASAP.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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