U.S Market Stocks Exchange: Impressive Google!

For couple weeks, I’ve been following several international IT companies tracks stock exchange registered in U.S market such NASDAQ or NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). I pluck up my courage and begin writing this article after I’ve seriously interesting on these exchange titles especially to the high-rank IT's related companies.

I was literally focused on Google, Microsoft & Red Hat companies this time and here is my first trial reviews. Your comments - if any - are widely welcome.

Google with it's strong fundamental strategy was established to intercept both Yahoo and MSN paths. Fortunately, they did it. After doing acquisition with others dot com-ers companies (the last is YouTube.com) and having a great success with their innovative products (GMail, GoogleMaps, GoogleTalk, GoogleDocs, etc), Google's position are over the wind now and tend to rising for more.

Check it out it's stock exchange histories recorded by Yahoo Finance and get the facts that Google stocks are in their stable-increase revolving nearly $500 per stock at current week. It was raised more than 100% more from the previous year. What an awesome struggle, even for the limited stocks available.

Anyway, Microsoft corp. are in stand position. There are optimistic market which running it's under slow but sure progress. The histories said that the alteration was not changes significantly, but they are truly rising. The price offered 20x less than Google's but the stocks amounts are plentiful.

Meanwhile, Red Hat stocks are not so well. As the leader of open source company, they have to announce a competitive market so that the stockers will pay attention for it. Either the world is not too intensively watching out the current market of open source industry.

I'm not a real stocker, I’m just an ordinary commentator who excited about the Google stocks in the U.S market. I wonder if I had much money and bought the Google stocks in the past. So that I’ll have wide smiley in this recent months! Earning money passing my boss salary, of course.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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