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I'd been become an agent to represent the meeting scheduled in Surabaya held by Yayasan Dana Sosial Mandiri (YDSM) on May 5th yesterday at the Novotel. By now, the foundation is having a co-operation with the company where I’d been worked specifically in a funds channeling. The session was talked about the latest release of consolidation application which must be used on the branches to monitoring how much the funds are being channeled to the clients by each branches. At least, there are about tens of regional bank member from the foundation. Each of it are stayed on each of provinces spread from all over Indonesia.

Personally, the application is just fine for me. The interoperability of the program can accommodate each member as well. But they seem loosing for something critical points:

1. The system was developed as stand alone application with distributed data stored on each client. This situation make each members of the foundation are being secluded. They are just not only facing the installation per each computer which may have a long distant far away, but they also must create an interface to exporting the data needed from the internal application. The distributed system ~ as you might know ~ are having big problem when it changed the latest version released or the database structured. As lots of the branches, as much the problems the IT staffs must done the job. It is just a matter of time & money have to spend to make it synchronized all of the time.

2. The system also developed with non-multiplatform designed as well. It seems that the developer is not quite professional yet. They only create what it shows on they head. Not just thinking for a better future or the members system differences possibilities, they idea are great as dumb. On the forum, I was said about an alternative solution with the web based application development. It will eliminate the non-multiplatform and make the database centralized. With the centralized database, there will be no problem with the latest application version released or the changes with the database structured.

What I told to the forum becomes a new homework for the foundation to build a better application. After a long full day meeting, in the afternoon there was a time to having goodbye to each members invited. On this session, I’d meet other members & introduced each others. The picture below is one of image taken with my new friend from BPD West Kalimantan (Mr. Bahtiar). Thanks for the 3530 camera, sir

At last, me & my partner (Mr. Kamal from Syariah Division) also have a picture together beside the hotel luxurious.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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