Next Award: Winner in Bubu Award v5.0

After being as one of the finalist listed on corporate category banking and finance in Bubu Awards v5.0, finally the corporate website project I’ve developed from scratch ( had been announced as the winner. This event was hold on April 4th 2007 at city museum near national monument (Monas) precisely in Medan Merdeka Barat street, Jakarta. Other finalists in the same category which had been defeated was Danamon ( and e-Bursa (

PT. Bubu Kreasi Perdana as the event arranger with a group of IT expertise international judges also nominated my creation with The Best Technology Website and The Best Utilization Website category. Well, even it doesn't chooses as the winner, but it was just fine for me considering the appraisal was done - I guess - before I made some improvements on the web pages including the auto email responder, ticker flash news modules, SSL modules to support online transaction and lots of small fixation.

Meanwhile, the trophy, certificates and simple gifts from sponsor was given by Jos Luhukuay (ex. highest IT official Bank Danamon) which proved by the minister of communication and information, Mr. Sofyan Djalil also Official of Application & Telematique, Mr. Cahyana Ahmadjayadi, Mr. Kuntoro Sudrajat from Culture & Tourism Departement, and lot of local IT experts.

At the end of the session, I had my photograph pictured with the CEO of, Ms. Shinta W, next to the trophy it self. She has a brilliant mind inside of her ... beauties.

Anyway, this could be the event which would burned in enthusiasm of IT staff on the offices, especially for my own self for the future reference.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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