(Is It) A Bug in MySQL 5? No Way!

In the last days, I’ve been around with MySQL 5 to tested my current desktop application project which actually developed from Borland Delphi 6 & MySQL 4 as the back-end storage. Anyway, this is my first time experiment to tried to run it not with the same version. This MySQL 5 are comes with standard package from Linux Fedora Core 5 & I had successfully already installing it to one idle computer as the dummy server.

At a glance, there is nothing seems to be wrong after the application has run. The login query are succeeded to execute, also others form which querying common text field data types are resulted fine. Not so long ago after that, I’d countered a weird exceptional error. It said that field ‘xxx’ is not found. Get hurry checked it out from MySQL-Front but this decimal (x,y) data type named ‘xxx’ is exists. Time by time, I resumed that others same decimal data type also reported being lost. Very odd indeed I thought.

At first, I thought that the problem are caused by corrupted database. I did the integrity checked & self repair from the menu Tools :: Table Diagnostic of MySQL-Front. But, nothing has changed & the problem is still show up. Then, I suspicious to the using of old MySQL ODBC connectors could raised the problem (I was using MyODBC 3.51 version). Couple minutes after, I had the latest connector MyODBC 5.0 from MySQL download section & installing it freshly by replacing the previous driver version. Again, the problem still there! WTF is going on?

Got high frustrated, I googling the problem with dumb related keyword & found something could be the answer in MySQL website: List of some incompatible changes! One thing for sure that the decimal type in MySQL 4 are not compatible with the MySQL 5. The architectures of the newest release are completely differences. Well, this is the final answer for that. One solutions I know is altering the tables with MyISAM engine. Anyway, I’d done this but seems to be failed. Don’t know why? You have to be aware for any using of this data type.

Boys & girls, don’t try this at home… it is highly annoyed… ;-)


Eko Wahyudiharto
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