qtparted: Linux Based Partition Magic

One of my question are now resolved on how to resize partition under Linux in easy way. Here it come qtparted, a GUI front-end likes Partition Magic. No more confuse with fdisk, parted or other command line tools. With basic knowledge of Partition Magic, now you are ready to action with qtparted.

qtparted has the same interface with Partition Magic. This is the greatest advantages when I tried to use it for the first time on my Fedora 7 box. For testing scenario, I tried to resizing my 3rd partition so that it will create a new blank partition. My pre-existing disk condition contains 5 partitions. Below was the partitions table as seen under qtparted window:

The first only active primary partition set to Windows XP in NTFS format type with size of 15GB. The rest of the partition stay under logical. The 2nd partition (FAT32) available for program files & it has 20GB size. The 3rd (FAT32) was stored 30GB for data files purposed. The 4th partition room provided for Fedora 7 (10GB in ext3 format) & the last was 500MB for Linux swap partition.

The new partition located after the 3rd partition & it’ll have size of 10GB after resizing the 30GB of the 3rd partition. In order to did this, do the same as you will did in Partition Magic. First, make a right click on selected partition & choose resize. Fill the Free Space After input box with the number you request or simply rubbed the green border white box until it has exactly the size you wish.

If it done, apply it with commit button. A new window form will show displayed the action progress.

Wait until it finished & you will see a new blank partition located precisely after the 3rd partition. As usual, match the existing partition table with grub.conf located at /boot/grub/grub.conf in order to pass the grub boot properly. Then, to make sure that there no data lost in 3rd partition, have a check with log on to Windows (considered to prepare the real Partition Magic & see it from there). For further test, format the blank partition with any kind of type & contrary checked it out from qtparted. I tested it with formatting with hfs+ (0xaf) format type for used of Mac OS.

Everything seems work correctly & successfully. Note that you may required dependencies package before installing qtparted on your Linux system. For Fedora 7, qtparted are available on this link. It dependencies package are known as jfsutils & xfsprogs.



Eko Wahyudiharto
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