QEMU: Virtual Machine Manager (Part II)

Start the VM you had created before, make sure that the installation media is exist. A common installation process will displayed.

From main panel of VM application, you can see the real time display information of CPU & memory usage while you are on a stage of installation process. It's a kind of interesting part of QEMU.

Back to VM Console display. Continue the installation process as is usual & follow the step by step wizard until the copying files started. Some odd graphic displayed during this sessions. It’s a kind of artifact or something. This is not happened using others VM such as VirtualBox. I thought that the GDI or something similar are not optimally emulated.

Wait until the copying files is completed. Now you are ready to first boot the Windows. If your VM is not started automatically, get it on manually. The 2nd stage of installation process in GUI are now established. Again, follow as is usual.

Although it is possible to display & make changes on currently hardware, assigning of any new of it are not recommended. Make sure to power off the VM before adding the hardware.

Back to the installation session, it process somehow needs more longer times than it should be in a real situation. The installation are 20% slower, but it proceed successfully. No big deal with it.

Now, you are ready to proceed final VM. The last stand of reboot process are started with common Windows XP graphical login section. Continued to part III…



Eko Wahyudiharto
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