Web Operating System: Flatten the World(?)

Web operating system establishing an exciting new look of futures OS. In latest year, several web based OS was introduced from each developer over the earth. It purposed was clearly simple, flatten the world I guess. Some of it’s known as eyeOS, DesktopTwo & CorneliOS. On a time, I got a chance to tried eyeOS. The installation source downloaded from it official website was very small with 862Kb zipped package. eyeOS required a web server with PHP support & of course a browser to run. Seems funny with the basic name “Operating System” while it needs a browser which executed from the real OS.

The login page is simplest as any web mail ever. The new user link can disabled from the setup install process. The user desktop shows an intuitive interface. Very lightweight, again. As you may seen, there are 2 folder shortcut links on the left side, some widgets on top, main green panel on near bottom & virtual taskbar on the bottom side (equipped with a static place of clock on the right).

Now, take a look inside of the main green panel. It’s a group of application launcher or something.

System Preferences linked to a (un-finished) control panel called eyeControl. It’s purposed to edit users password, create users, change wallpapers & add remove programs (eyeSoft). The Applications link pointed to a program manager called eyeApps.

The main green panel also equipped with a Run dialog box. It functions as application launcher. Simply type the application name & it will opened to the desktop.

From it’s default installation, eyeOS are providing a very basic applications such as file explorer (eyeFiles), notepad (eyeNotes), calculator (eyeCalc), calendar (eyeCalendar), contact manager (eyeContacts), internet browser (eyeNav), RSS feeder (eyeRSS) & task manager (eyeProcess). eyeFiles act as a similar file explorer in Windows. From it’s interface, I thought that it main purposed to internet file upload & download transaction.

The calculator program also exists to handle a non-scientific calculation.

Task manager displays active applications. For now, it’s only equipped with a killer application button.

The taskbar in left bottom side will shows applications running. It’s a common others OS taskbar which can shows & minimizing applications window. The window on each program also acts as others OS window. There are filled with usual button such as minimize, maximized (also work with double click on window title area) & cross sign to close application.

Let’s see the widgets on top of desktop area. Each links provide a shortcut to available applications specific to each program groups. There are 6 groups came with it’s default installation likes Office, Network, Accessories, Games, System & Places.

Outside of basic programs explained above, eyeOS also provide some extra powerful applications which can increase it value as an OS. It’s such as:

Document Writer (eyeDocs)

Chatting Application (eyeBoard)

MP3 player (eyeMp3)

Web OS can deliver an exciting new look OS in internet era. The plan platform is well designed to accommodate the needs of high internet mobility users. The file transfer transaction is easier to use & it is so flexible web based OS.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    Thursday, August 02, 2007 5:55:00 PM

    Cool...Check out also G.ho.st similar with more features and applications.


  2. Blogger Eko Wahyudiharto said,

    Friday, August 03, 2007 10:43:00 AM

    http://g.ho.st/? Nothing loaded except a blank black background & static spinning 70% browser progress bar...

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