Go Outbound: Back To Nature

What about if you get back to nature? When there is no technology exist, no internet, no laptop, no LINUX, even no cell phone around you for several days. Well, I was experienced this for my first time in 3 days (August 23 – 25). Located at Citarik (near Sukabumi), me & my IT department team (25 peoples) had been developed by Selaras Kaki Langit Adventures & had learned lots something new from there. Together, we learned how to co-operate, fast thinking, communicate & doing something positively on a team work. The main goal is to understanding what the leadership means. Finally, I realized that togetherness & self confident is important on a work group. Without well co-operation on it, no optimal output resulted.

On the first day, we had playing around with water. Crossing a river full of holes & stones with rubber boat. Yes! Wade across the river with rafting. It’s so fun edging for about 5km long even the waters not too swiftly.

On day 2 in the morning, we had to challenged the 40m high interferer. Crossing the 2 towers with Burma bridge. Crawling a side with a belt ladder & finally gliding down with a wheel on the hand. It’s a Fear Factor TV show like but without eating some freaks food ;-).

While at noon, we had a real paintball combat simulation complete with full pack army uniform. It’s contented me a part after I shoot the enemy right on his head. Anyway, after a minute before the game ends, others killed me too successfully. Even my team got lose, it remained me playing my favorite computer game called Counter Strike. So fun!

In the afternoon, we had challenged to standing a flagpole up to 7.5m high consists of 5 rattan poles. Each of it has about 1.8m long. It’s so damn hard working on it with warped characteristic of rattan. Thank god after succeeded did it in nearly 2 hours. At first, I doubted it could stands up.

At night, we had been planned to get sleep outside. This session called “Solo Camp”. Camping alone in the middle of jungles & separated with others friend. Pretty thrilling but so natural. Sleeping covered by stars at sky. However, I enjoy it a lot.

On the last day 3, there was the most hardener game to play. It named “Synergy”. The rules is try to move & arranged in a series of stack of 3 big wood sticks one by one into a target specified without hand. Each of it have 40cm diameter, 50cm high & weight about 25 to 30kg & we allowed to moves it only by belts. Can you imagine that?

26 peoples power turn out, no break & we runs out of time. Finally… we made it in 4 hours! That’s all, the 3 days full of challenges. And now, we’re ready heading back go to Jakarta, facing the modern style of life.

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Eko Wahyudiharto
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  1. Anonymous Schmutzka said,

    Sunday, October 21, 2007 4:05:00 AM

    Oioi, very nice experiance :). It helps once in a while to relax from it in this way. I envy you quietly :)

  2. Blogger Eko Wahyudiharto said,

    Monday, October 22, 2007 10:07:00 AM

    Yes, it was great... Relaxing minds with back to nature...

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