Dual Boot Windows XP & Leopard in AOA150 (Part 1: Pre-Installation)

In fact, this idea has comes couple months ago until I've got a bit of time now about to doing this experiment. Actually, it was started from my last observation 3 years ago with Tiger in my Travelmate which I knew there's lots of weaknesses on that version.

Anyway - on this chance, I'd like to give a short detail documentation about step-by-step installing Leopard for x86 Intel non-Mac machine in my Acer Aspire One. For more, this Leo has comes with iAtkos 10.5.7 package (next to ToH 10.4.8 - Tiger - in my prior experiment).

This is the first note from total 3 articles I've planned to. And this article begin with pre-installation.


First, assumed you already have a Windows installed on your local harddrive as your primary OS. No matter how much your partition are, prepare 1 partition at 7GB at minimal & create it as an active primary partition (not logical or extended). If you're not a pro users, let 3rd party of Windows partitioning tools to assist you on this. Partition Magic or EASUS partitioning tools works great. As in my experiment, below is the image of my netbook partitioning table.

On above image, my target partition is the last column with 16 GB of size. A formatting is an optional, but if you need to doing this, a FAT filesystem is just fine.

Formatting the partition just to make sure that you're just create a fixed new partition.

After it created successfully, exit from partitioning tool & execute a command prompt to create a HFS file system (default file system in Macintosh). Just type diskpart & follow the following command I attached to the image below:

The first command is list disk, it'll display the number of the disk attached to the computer. Select the appropriated disk number, then show the partition with list partition command. As shown on red box, my target partition is listed as partition #7. Type select the partition number & delete it by giving delete partition command. Next, to create a HFS filesystem, type create partition primary id=af. It'll create a primary HFS partition. To make sure that you're succeed creating it, type again list partition command. Now it become an Unknown of partition type. That's ok. Last, exit from command prompt and continued to slot-in Leo master (from DVD or USB) & prepare for boot after restarting the computer.

The pre-installation is complete. I'll giving you the installation process in a short time. Stay tune on this blog & have a nice day....

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