Dual Boot Windows XP & Leopard in AOA150 (Part 2: Installation)

Welcome back! If you googling over the internet, actually there's tons of OSX86 step-by-step installation guides you can follow. This wiki page also good for you to start & note that whether your machine listed on it's HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) or not. If you certainly sure about to installing it, please take a time to follow my previous part (The Pre-Installation) & continued to read through this current article.


After preparing the partition (16GB on my experiment), plugged-in the DVD master (I'm using iAtkos 10.5.7) & make your machine boot to CD. In my Acer Aspire One ZG5, there's no additional boot parameter needed. If you experience a problem (such as failed on loading), you should need to by-pass parameter "cpus=1" in boot prompt (or -v to show debug verbose mode).

First screen passed. Next to show is the first window wizard. Click Next, then.

A welcome window may appear. Let's continue until it show menubar on top of the screen.

The first thing you should check is your target hfs partition you've made. There's a tool called Disk Utility available from Utility menu. If your target partition is not visible than you might need to re-erase & re-format it (don't changed the volume type combo box).

After - optionally - erasing process completed, close the Disk Utility & you'll see your target partition on Select a Destination window (mine, 16GB size, partition #7 - primary, known as disk0s4; means located on disk 0, primary no#4).

The critical part of Mac OS installation on x86 machine is selecting the right packages for your machine. Here's a full list that 100% working installation of iAtkos 10.5.7 on my Acer Aspire One (including sound & wired networking).

Note that there's no VGA driver selected. Don't worry, it's not applicable to Acer Aspire One. We'll skip this package & take care of it later. If you'd like to force it, than you'll stuck with 800x600 resolution or your screen may garbled or your system may hang on boot!

Installing process will take approximately 30 minutes. Make a hot of coffee & light-up your cigarettes, this installation will done & everything is gonna be alright :). See you in 3rd part of this articles!

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