M8 Framework Reborn!

At the end of this year, my M8 a.k.a Method 8 tools has been finally re-evolute. It's an independent custom PHP framework built from scratch based on prior M8 core engine. Some of applications has been made from this previous M8 framework, but few of lacks found during the development phase. Such as it potentially bring  troubles for programmers when they work at the same module, too complicated programming structure, incomplete multi-users connection feature  and some other else minor issues. But at least, it's so reliable for 3.000 - 5.000 users via public internet - even in a small bandwith capacity available from clients.

Now, I've made some modification to it's core, eliminating the lacks covered from prior engine. There's major enhancement inside :
  1. Apache virtual directory and .htaccess dependency to support rewrite mod feature
  2. Multi-users connection support for database access (database class)
  3. Cacheable datasource (database class)
  4. More efficient session usage (session class)
  5. Enhancement in hi-jack and XSS filtering (secure class)
  6. 50% reducing development time by using 2 file only (presentation and controller) instead of 4 in prior engine
  7. Integrated HTML 5 usage in UI, increasing client-side validation function (ajax class)
  8. AJAX POST generator for better security
  9. PDF, CSV, XLS and print preview built-in feature from DataTables
  10. Code compressor 
  11. 100% refreshment of UI
  12. And more!
This latest framework built combined from jQuery and more persistence OOP classes. Just a little different from other framework available on the net :)

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Eko Wahyudiharto
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