PUSDIKLAT E-learning Beta has Take-Off

Due to known bugs around encrypt and decrypt sub-modules which can take effects malfunctioning in some users authentication, the new codes were updated on friday, August 4th 2006. Technically, the replacements took some randoming alphabet from the input parameters. So, i'm not using PHP standard encode and decode function anymore.

The works takes about 3 hours and finished at 07.00 pm by my self. The website phpclasses.org became my first reference. There was a lot of archives had to checked and also compared to my code in order to work properly and more efficient. At the end, I was the only one whom get out from the office lately. No big deal for me than I had to finished it with extra work in my holyday at saturday.

On my trip to home, still thinking about the NS (Name Server). The code was hosted in http://id.masterwebnet.com, but the NS stills tied by Lint*sArth* anyway and they just only re-directed it with the www alias. The worsted is the domainname string was useless if the browser address came with it. So, there is no hope to retrieve the site with address: http://pusdiklat.pegadaian.co.id, even thus the sub domain was setted before on the hosting control panel. The only way to make it show is just point the browser to the single address: http://www.pegadaian.co.id/pusdiklat. i'm so messed up with this since the network staff did not seems like to support 100% about the problem. It was different with my before projects.

While the e-learning was show up, next incoming wednesday is the meeting days with official division discuss about the corporate site. The major things is that the code built with global variable set to on. It has to be next great re-make because I had my local web server set to off since the development of PUSDIKLAT e-learning and EPS. I had to setted it off because of some security issues. Well, 2 days sounds worth enough to re-condition the code work more properly. This is my fault and I confessed it.

*) The "*" below refer to "a" character. It is an ethic for me not to show the string correctly.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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