Global IT Threats & Cyber Crime

I was in the middle of workshop held on Jakarta Borobudur hotel last thursday. The topics as shown as the header above are still hot in recent days. This is not only because that the government are not too seriously producing the cyber crime laws yet, but also many aspects are related to it too.

There were lots of cyber crime categorize cases happened in Indonesia. It might be a kind of fraud, illegal carding, phising, web deface, software piracy until local viruses attack. So and so soon or late impedes the Indonesia economics growth, caused the investors hesitant out from Indonesia and decrease the numbers of software produced by local developers because they too worried that the products become the next of crime target.

Well, in spite from several technologies against the cyber crime such as security box, firewall, antivirus products and others, I think the operating system become the first prime target you have to watch out. Lots of desktop out there installed with Window$ which are primarily targeted for viruses.

I'm not going to screw you about this, but you better have to see what "viruses" are resident on Linux comparing the same situation with Window$ at this link. Indeed, the Linux viruses is not as danger as the Window$, because it just only a Trojan or something.

Also, the strong fundamental of operating system depends on what architecture it used. Get it? The last is talking about the overall (licenses) prices. I'm not so naïf about this, but you can measured it by your self.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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