Tricks to Bypassing the IRC Service & Forbidden Website from Your Network

Have you worked in a completely "closed" network on your office? This "closed" terms referring to the limitations of your network ability. For example, your network only support for mail & safe browsing (without adult web content materials). Your network administrator has been currently locking off some of the computer port numbers related to other services. No chatting, no p*rn sites, no ftp access, it's real suck!

I'd been made an underground research how to bypassing all of this (since I was the victims in my network too). All you have to do is preparing the Linux box and create it as the local web server connected to the active network (direct connection without proxy). There is no special requirement about what kind of Linux you may use. I am currently using Fedora Core 4 by now with the latest kernel version of 2.6.17.

For the limitation of web content browsing, you need to download third party web based software named PHProxy and make it online to your local web server. Before you start to browse the forbidden address, open your browser and link it to the local PHProxy index page. Type the address on a address box and voila! You can bypass the proxy which blocked you directly. Notes that the PHP have to be in version 4.x.x in order to work correctly. Since this application is still in development, you may experience un-interpretated JavaScript at some website.

Meanwhile, for the lacks of chat connections via IRC, you may need Gaim application package. Make an usual process to connect as mIRC did, and yes! You're online to the channel you'd like to enter.

For others instant messages, try to use IM application package. By default, the jabber protocol which compatible to Google Talk using different port with Yahoo IM. So, it is become not a matter anymore to having private chat within jabber compatible protocol such as ICQ or Google Talk.

May this tricks beneficial for you. Do it by your own research.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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