Goes to Pekanbaru

I was on the way of traveling to Pekanbaru, Riau yesterday at December 9-10th. I leaved Jakarta at Saturday morning in order to attending meeting with the officials of Riau Islamic University (Universitas Islam Riau). It is one of my part time occupation as a freelance programmer.

We (my team & me) had an agreement with them to establishing the software system to accommodate the overall business operational cores including to maintain 4 primary modules: academic system (sistem informasi akademik), accounting (akuntansi akademik), logistic (logistik & inventaris), the library book circulation & cataloging (sistem informasi perpustakaan).

I was positioned as an analyst system & also programmer with main job to handling up the academic module as my project manager planed before. It is overall a huge system with wide coverage & a deep one difficulties level after we'd been discussed for the last 2 days.

Anyway, I was heading back to Jakarta at Sunday evening & must continuing to re-mapping the system structure I had analyzed. Hope that everything will be fine & stay on schedule until the final system released.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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