Short Day "Vacation" to Yogyakarta

I goes to yogyakarta for a day on December, 29th in order to maintenance the finger print attendance system which had been implemented in Badan Kepegawaian Nasional (BKN) Regional I DIY for almost 2 years.

I leaved Jakarta on Friday and have planning to heading back on Sunday evening with Taksaka executive train. So, i'll facing a new year night up on the railways. It's so sad indeed, but this is my risk as an "soldier".

Just for small statistic data in BKN which having total 341 employees works on it, for almost 2 years - total records covered by MySQL is nearly 150k rows. This is a relevance numbers compared to daily data transaction frequency.

The good news is, my chance to having the same project in a same department located on south sulawesi have being larger. And I patiently waiting for that. Like ancient peoples said: "Gak akan lari gunung dikejar", kan?


Eko Wahyudiharto
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