450 Fresh PCs Inspecting

The task to inspecting total of 450 new Z*rex computers on it’s factory has been done. Me & the team consists of 10 man just already did it in 3 days. This all brand new PCs was ordered from the company I’ve been worked after having a selection criteria to choose much lower price with better performance & hardware specification (what an usual criteria!). Lot of certified PC vendors was submitted to join the beauty contest before. Some of them came with world trade name, such as HP, Acer, Dell & much more. At the end, the local PC Z*rex won the competition (again, with an annoyed thing!).

The OS agreement as listed on the official appointment was so simple. They only have to plugged in the Linux Fedora Core 4 appropriated to our condition in order to support our plan to moving from Windows. The thing is we have to check, test & finalized the agreed hardware specification & also the system configuration one by one PC… manually. Fiuh… better no to do that by your own finger!

To simplify the jobs, I created an automated batch bash shell based script to identify the hardware specification & the system configuration. This script are executed from the USB storage flash disk. So, the mounting process will also checking any of the front USB port damaged at the same time to the new computer. It is shown below:

Common bash shell script initialization syntax

Check the amount of available physic RAM

echo swapon /dev/sda3 >> /etc/rc.local
Since the image developed by vendor are come with inactive swap (I wonder why?), so I try to activate it manually to the Linux startup files. The syntax above will automatically adding the swapon command to the end of the /etc/rc.local file.

swapon /dev/sda3
Try to activate the swap to test whether it’s linked & matched with the dedicated swap partition

cat /proc/swaps
Finally, check the available of active swap partition

Displaying the chipset detailed information

cat /proc/cpuinfo
Displaying the processor detailed information

df -hT
Displaying the rest partition available complete with the volume space & partition type

Execute the kppp interface to test the internal modem query process

umount /media/usbdisk
Unmount the UFD hardware safely

Shutdown command

The dumb scripts above are really increasing about 5x faster then our manually checking time. Once the PC is quality control confirmed, it patched with a passed logo sticker & continued to packer staff.



Eko Wahyudiharto
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