A Week of Weak

On last Friday, i was in Pekanbaru to complete my current project. I was there for couple days to practice the operators about how to use the application. Well, the task was done successfully. On Saturday evening, i had to catch my flight to Jakarta since there was another official journey to do for the next evening.

(Day 1) Jakarta - Yogyakarta
My superior official & me had been assigned the task to implementing the latest application in several branches & regional offices to over come a special product released before. The first point to visit was Yogyakarta regional office & a local branch.

(Day 2) Yogyakarta - Purbalingga
Next city to visit was Purbalingga branches. It took 5 hours from Yogyakarta traveled within a car to get to it. The route takes from Kutoarjo, Kebumen & Banjarnegara.

(Day 3) Purbalingga - Wonosobo
From Purbalingga, the journey continued to Wonosobo branches. The trip to get there took about less then 3 hours. An interesting typical local food between the city should try named Mie Ongklok. This is the finest noodles on Central Java, ever!

(Day 3) Wonosobo - Semarang
From Wonosobo, we had to head on Semarang, the last point to visit. The trip passed the twins mountain of Sindoro - Sumbing. In the middle of the trip beyond it, also available a local Ungaran typically food named Sate Kempleng. The food is made from a roasted cow meat with wet bean spices. It's delicious one have to try.

(Day 4) Semarang - Jakarta
Finally, the end of the journey has come. After did the task to installing the programs on the Semarang Regional Office & a branches, we have been having one night stay in a hotel. On the next evening, we are ready to get back to Jakarta by the train.

What a lovely weak weeks!


Eko Wahyudiharto
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