Earning Dollars from Google Ad sense (Again)

After waiting months from it previous shipping, here comes again a check from Google. Somehow, I trust this business well than others existing internet marketing. However, not so much but it’s pretty enough to fill-up my wallet once in 2 months. I’m not dreaming about become a millionaire or become a pro Ad sense advisor but it’s a well-to-do business in my free times. You don’t have to know about web programming, economy or management skills & others flustered things such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), CPC (Cost per Click), CTR (Click Through Rate), MW (Magic Words) or others freaky words. All you need is free internet time & creativity. In my case, what I have to do is just filling my several website with some purposes articles & wait for the dollars fall from the sky. Well, it’s a investment based on time. Don’t expect dollars will comes in a short days. Just pray & patient.

This time, the check arrives within 2 weeks from the delivery date. It’s shorten than I expect in 3 weeks or more. The nominal is $133.75 & it’s payable via local banks. I used to cash it in Citibank with it’s easier procedure than others. Well, enough from now folks, hope this articles may fires you up & considering you about an alternative way on how to make money from internet.



Eko Wahyudiharto
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