Phone with TV Function or TV with Phone Function?

For some reasons, I was too attracted with this such of gadget: a hand phone with analog TV technology equipped. At first, I don’t even had a dream to buy a new cell phone again since I already has. But, I though it’s too worthless for me to have an iPod or something else similar multimedia gadgets with it’s near same price because they offering just the same old features: MP3 or MP4 with FM radio functionality. So, I decided to try pick this one TV with phone kit replacing my old multimedia box.

A month ago, I just found 2 alternative brand name of it around me such as Hi-Tech H38 & MyG 678. Both supplied with analog TV feature in addition with its standard multimedia entertainment like 2 MPx camera, MP3, MP4, radio FM functionality, Bluetooth, touch screen feature & 256MB external miniSD storage. The Hi-Tech H38 has an odd keypad layout with its black dominant color surrounding to the case. Anyway, I prefer to buy MyG 678 product since it has a standard phone keypad layout with its elegance shiny silver color case.

After using it for couple weeks, I concluded that my MyG succeed impressing me out of the box (even it comes from China product). The battery life is more longer than I expected before (however there are 2 batteries in box package included). The GSM frequency also strength to receive from it’s internal antenna, it was a test & I didn’t use the GSM function to communicate from this cell phone. The LCD displayed more brightly than my PDA. The speaker comes out more loud & clear to produce audio out from the FM radio & multimedia player.

Sending or receiving files from the phone are easy with Bluetooth, anyway there are also data cables available with the USB connection. I don’t know about the Bluetooth stack used by, but it’s paired fine from my PDA & my Travelmate. The built-in TV receiver signal also good. It can stored 20 channels & displayed out more clear than my TV, even with 2.5” display LCD available. The things I don’t too much like was it’s tiny hard pressed keypad, maybe it’s a compensation of the mini form factor where they can’t plugged in more toning down to soften the pad. Overall, I like it very much enjoying the multimedia from it, especially the television features.

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Eko Wahyudiharto
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