Setting Up Email in Nokia 5610

Changing personal handset is an exhausted activity, especially to the who which have hundreds of contacts, including tens of scheduling appointments & some of critical configurations such as email setting. Which is – in other words – you have to move it whether you like or not. As what I did in last days, finally I had migrate to Nokia brand name cellular phone replacing my old HP6365 windows based mobile phone. I though, it is the time for me to get back to common communication model, as I tired of running PDA with me for more than 3 years!

I was interested with 5610 since attracted to the dummy model shown at one of local cellular market when I heading for a new candidate phone unexpectedly. The criteria for the candidates was too easy: high Mpx camera, supported large external memory, small screen, ease of use, internet ready, multimedia dedicated & light weight. At the ends, this 5610 series defeated others nominees which was: 02 Stealth, HTC Touch & N73.

No big deal that there’s no smart categories phone (Symbian or Windows OS) since still I miss for old phone function; call, messaging (SMS, MMS, Email & Instant Messaging), camera & MP3. I’d love to pick this 5610 because it’s sexiest form factor. It has passed all of my qualifications either. It also fit in my hands & great pleasure with the slider. Although I was shocked moving in from PDA, especially the lost touch screen & different UI. Anyway, it took times to take over the control.

Moving contacts was my first problem since Address Book from Laptop Outlook Express couldn’t permitted it. But it solved with Bluetooth data transfer per 5 contacts manually from HP6365. It also works moving the appointments data. Even that I had to made correction with some records. The Instant Messaging feature is so easily to setup & there’s no great difficult over it. I could connecting to Yahoo Messenger as easy as I connect from PC. One big shot for me was configuring the Gmail (Google mail) services since it more bit different from PDA or PC. And here below is the action I’d done from 5610 to setting the POP & SMTP configuration:

1. Make sure that you have an active account from Gmail. Check the POP activation option from Setting link.
2. Also make sure that you have already GPRS services activation from your network provider.
3. Go to 5610 Messaging Menu & point it to Email Message under Message Settings.
4. Edit Mailbox preferences & create a name. Example: GMail
5. Entry My name with your real name.
6. Set Email address with your email address complete with domain. Example:
7. in Login information setting, fill your existing user name (without domain) & password.
8. Next, go to Incoming mail setting.
9. Set Incoming POP3 server with
10. Set Security with Secure port.
12. Set Port with 995 and back to previous menu.
13. next, go to Outgoing setting.
14. Set Outgoing SMTP server with
15. Set SMTP authentification to On.
16. Set your user name & password (without domain name).
17. Set Security with Secure port.
18. Set Port with 465 and back to previous menu.
19. Save configuration & you’re done.
19. Give a try to retrieve or send an email.

Note that the configuration above is only works for Gmail email services, hence there’s no guarantee for others POP3 services or others network provider works for the same setting (I use SimPATI pre-paid from Telkomsel Indonesia for the test). I provide the configuration above also without any screenshot since I don’t have already a Java snap application. Be an understanding for my short review of my 5610.

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