Do You AdBrite Your Self?

AdBrite is one of international online advertising services similar to Google AdSense. If you intended to work on it, both services can bring you additional reasonable revenue gained from internet. Well, this current article will share you a short review about my first experience on incoming cheque from my AdBrite account (which was registered since 2007 – the same year as my Google Adsense account was created).

After running this both online ads within the same year (2007) until now, at least I can say that my AdBrite revenue is 1/10 lower than my Google AdSense. Still, this comparison rate is relatively to others, but in fact, this is all I’ve got. I’m not telling more detailed about targeted ads on a page or other aspects involved to it but one thing for sure that I used this service only on this blog. Note that I just want to proof that this is payable to Indonesian publishers & will cause benefit like any else online advertising.

Regarding to the terms and conditions – unfortunately - AdBrite support cheque payment method only. For the first time – as usual – I need to make sure that my own cheque can be cleared to local bank. In order to do so, as possible as my balance reach the minimal limit, as soon as I have to make a withdrawal. Here’s below the chronologies:

May 1: AdBrite processing my balance automatically after it reaches minimal amount limit
May 6: Post stamp the mail goes from California
May, 13: The cheque delivered to my office
June, 2: Withdrawal transaction started made to BNI
July, 9: The money was collectable on my account on BNI

From occurrence above, I can conclude that AdBrite has sent the cheque faster than Google AdSense (read my first revenue from Google cheque article on this link). It only took 6 days for AdBrite mailed the cheque after the system detected the minimal amount limit. The mail also arrived after 7 days delivery from California to Jakarta, and this is what I called instant service! (a very fast service equal to Google AdSense delivered by mail, but not with Western Union)

Like to what I said before, this is only my first AdBrite payment test. So that I only need my first US$ 101 from AdBrite. Please consider that this amount was collected over 2 years right up on this single blog (since November 2007), and however, this is what I called a mess! (a very unsuitable environment appealed to Google AdSense, at least it happened to me).

So, what the heck is WELLS FARGO BANK? Just like something weird bank name. But, from the internet I found that this is a European Union bank headquartered in Ireland. At first, I so doubt that I can make withdrawal collection from local bank since I didn’t recognize this name ever! But then, thanks to International Collection Clearing staff at BNI which calmed me that this will withdraw able.

After waiting for 5 weeks - from June 2 to July 9 - finally the money was succeeded transferred to my account on BNI. I checked from BNI Internet Banking & there’s a record tracked to my AdBrite collection transaction. Look that I only receipt Rp 472.350 for US$ 101 withdrawal. By the rate of exchange Rp 10.080 per US$1 on July 9, it’s means that BNI charge for this took US$ 54 (similar to Rp 545.730)! I don’t know about bank correspondences charge rate but as I remember for previous transaction, this is a “special gift” for me. For god sake, but I enjoy it.

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