Dual Boot Windows XP & Leopard in AOA150 (Part 3: Post-Installation)

Hello, meet me again in the last part of trilogy-articles: iAtkos dual boot with Windows XP on Acer Aspire 150ZG a.k.a AOA 150. The first article reviewing about The Pre-Installation (preparing partition, etc), while second article describes about The Installation it-self (selecting packages, etc). And now, the post-installation will tell you about configuring hardware (VGA), some miscellaneous things & also third party applications which can make your Mac much useful than your previous desktop :)


Let Mac running on its first boot. Just to make sure that there's no something wrong with the boot loader (known as Chameleon boot loader). On mine, it'll display 5 partitions while loading boot screen (with Mac as the default boot).

Try to boot without parameter, it'll show a loading screen.

Be patient until it changes to a Welcome screen. Note that until this point, you should hear audio with music.

Go ahead & follow the wizards. On a create account wizard, Mac also try to detecting the webcam. In AOA 150, it detected successfully.

Continue the wizards until it show the first desktop screen with 800x600 resolution.

This is where you will do The setup for video drivers. Reboot in single user, -s option at the loader (while on Chameleon boot loader, press any key to enter setup). Now type -s you should see boot: -s on the bottom left hand side of the screen, now press enter and it should boot you into single user mode. The command prompt will look like this:

:/ root#

now type:

/sbin/fsck -fy
/sbin/mount -uw /

Don't forget that / after -uw or you will not have write access. Next, type exactly as I describe below or you will hate your life =)

cd System/Library
rm -r Extensions.mkext
cd Extensions
rm -r AppleIntelGMA*.*
rm -r AppleIntelIntergrated[TAB]
shutdown -r now

Don't type exactly the [TAB], just hit the TAB key and it will fill in the rest for you and press enter. Above commands will remove the kext cache and all of the Intel Graphic drivers because they do not work correctly (stuck at 800x600). The system should now reboot. If all went well you should be at the desktop again.

Ok, the first thing to do after it completed to show desktop is continuing to configure the VGA (Remember when there's no VGA driver packages selected during installation?). So, prepare your internet connection & download this VGA driver package (intel_iatkos7.zip) (2.4MB). Once you extract this file to desktop, you should have these folders:


Now Start OSXTools and click Install Kexts. Browse to the dir First and select all (3) kexts, click Install button. After it installed, just DON'T REBOOT (even pop-up show asking to reboot). If you reboot, you will have to go into single user mode again and remove all the files again.

Now open the folder Second and click on GMA950.pkg and a setup window will pop up. Click continue, click install -- put in your password if you have one and proceed. After install, you can now reboot.

Once you reboot you should be back at the OS X desktop but now with working 1024x600 resolution! Also, you can now enable Quartz. To enable Quartz, open OSX86 Tools and click the Enable/Disable Quartz GL button. It will tell you the current status. If its disabled, feel free to enable it by clicking the button that says "Enable Quartz GL". After Quartz is enables, the system will need to rebooted.

You should now be fully working on OS X 10.5.7. The first software I've install was USB modem manager (T-Mobile web'n'walk Manager Installer included on stick), even the system recognized the stick as a modem.

Start internet connection configuration from System Preferences (the shortcut laid on the dock) & configure it as usual (tested with IM2 & Telkomsel Flash provider). If your configuration is correct, now you don't have a problem to connect to internet.

Open Safari browser & try to open a web page. Meanwhile, you can also try to chat with iChat (compatible with GMail account). If you need more to personalize your OSX application, get a "basic" home-office-application from the internet (or torrent). As I only need for web programming, here's below the list of application I'd installed on my OS X.

* Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
* Adobe Photopshop CS2
* XAMPP (Web & MySQL server)
* Firefox
* Sequel Pro (a great MySQLFront or HeidiSQL replacement for Mac)
* Cyberduck (a great WinSCP replacement for Mac)
* UltraEdit for Mac
* Microsoft Office for Mac
* Microsoft Messenger (chat with Yahoo friends)
* unRAR
* uTorrent for Mac

And this is my dock view now...

For anyone who confusing about shortcut keyboard on OS X, there's a bit different between Windows/Linux. If you familiar with CTRL key (eg: CTRL+C to copy, and so on), use ALT instead of CTRL (So, it change to ALT+C to copy). I've been using this OS X for full since a month ago for work & I feel so endure with it. Maybe I'll thinking about to buy a real Mac soon :) For anyone of you who dare to install OS X, have a try & good luck. Please share your experience on below comments...

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Eko Wahyudiharto
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    its is explained very nicely..
    the photos are nice..

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  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:32:00 PM

    You're welcome Sachi.

    Anyway, I love this OS, but there's too few Apple laptop series released on the market.

    However -- the latest -- Macbook Air machine still didn't impressive me yet (too expensive but with poor of hardware features -- no SD card, 64GB SSD & no ethernet card).

    * My AOA150 seems to be more step ahead than Macbook Air :)

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