Ghost Visuality

Still don't get it, why I can feeling ghosts existence. It might be one of my natural talent since I used to saw a ghost for the first time when my age was 6 years. In those time, I just saw a girl standing around on the bed with white clothes even there was no one people at home because I had been leaved for a while. I was confused but not frightened at all.

Every single house I visited, clearly to me shadows in some places which have weird temperatures. Some nights at my sister house at Bantul, Yogyakarta. I was in the middle of sleeps when suddenly a long hairy girl with white clothes again sits just right on my foots. Another night at my leased-out room when I was had college, there was someone hanging his head at the window. Just representing a suicide visual.

Precisely, some of them having bad behaviour, but some of the rest just not disturbing likes a shadows of old man which exist at my current leased-out house.

Around my office at Kramat Raya, there's huge of ghosts. Every floors standed by 5-6 things. Even at my working room at the basement, they just walking arounds don't know where they headed to go.

I saw it very clearly if the night has come. For example: every monday evening is my tennis schedule started at 07.00 pm. I used to go home at 09.00 pm and should passing by a large multi-purposes building. I can't avoid weird visual activities every exceed the roads right behind it.

Anyway, you also might seen ghost too every days. Just tune to adzan magrib show at TransTV, it will be there when the picture shows Gambir train station. Watch it carefully, the whity girl suddenly appear behind the pottery at the right side of your tv monitor.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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