A Yelled Stomach

Today, i've been invited to a married session. So, I though that we would experienced some delicious extra-ordinary lunch. As my wife asked question earlier in the morning about what kind of food would be cooked for today, "pa, mo masak apa hari ini?", I replied with "gak usah masak dulu, kan tar siang ada kondangan".

After waiting for couple hours (emptying my stomach would takes some times after filled up with breakfast), we goes to the invitation. At the same time I congrated the both brides, from far away I saw a kind of my favorit menu. "Hmm... Nasi kuning... Kayaknya, ma". I though that it was my lucky day to had lunch with the menu.

After gone through the food with a full pack plate loaded with it, I started to tasted it. How confused I am since it tasted likes "ketan kuning". Ahrgg, it was succeded tricked me out. Got to ended after couple scoops up. Finally, back to house with empty hungry stomach and continued to cooked a piece of noodle in the kitchen. Ha..ha.. What a fate!


Eko Wahyudiharto
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