Internet: (Temporary) Rest In Peace & My Problems

Just like any media had reported, the internet connection was totally down after an earthquake broke up the fiber optic continuation link to the main gateway around the Taiwan regions for couple weeks ago (please click here to read the detailed news comes from

This condition affected several aspects including my self. I was on my worried since loosing my "uncle", the Google search engine to support my current & next project in pekan baru to developing an integrated system.

My primary email ( are also fell & i was unable to communicate to my any relations. This is my extra suffer looses.

After view days, the international connection link seems alright but it was unstable anyway for some addresses. Just for some example, the wordpress blog link are quite good while the blogger link are totally dead. I'm not sure, why it could happened.

In the same time, i need to make a pulse purchasing transaction over the internet, like to the way i usually did with Bank Niaga. I guess that the local content are not affected, but i was wrong.

The transaction are well accepted, my current account got debt as much as stated. But i realized that there were a mistake about to processing the transaction. In a second, i made a contact with the bank support service to reporting my case & the bank would process it in a week to restore my account. What a next extra suffers!

Anyway, the Bank has re-debt my credit as the customer support promised on his word and makes me more comfortable to enjoy the IT products the Bank would offered. Probably, this is the Bank which has quite great services ever! (for me ;)


Eko Wahyudiharto
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