Result from 2006 Pajak Web Design Contest

Yeah, i was on my luck in 2006 Pajak Web Design Contest session when my name declared as the last winner (Top 6) of the competition. Even i wasn't quite believe when someone from the department official send me an invitation ticket to the prizes.

At a first glance, i was in my trial opinion to join the competition, it happened in September 2006. I was not too interested with the money, but I’d just like to getting participate with the competition. The judges are known as well which makes me interesting to entering the competition. You can read the complete requirement documentations at here and here.

At that time, i was trying to offering something different which i guessed would be accepted at least more than one judge, exclude for the web page as the minimum requirement to joining it. I mean this is just an extra modul to increase the added value of my creation.

Finally, i made a similar like company CD profile - yet another static part of the web page which can widely spread since it able to burned on a cd. To reflecting the default scenario, i also created others unique local slogan shown on top of every single pages. Then, the completed web pages are ready to hosted on an empty space of my registered account at, just in case to test the real condition.

Anyway, you can see my contest creation at


Eko Wahyudiharto
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