Again, Connecting to YM!

For everyone who has connection troubles with Yahoo Messenger (YM) especially blocked link by the network administrator, there are several solutions to be done. This problem & answer are comes out based on my own experiences about how to connecting to the YM blocked port in a large configured company LAN. Each solutions referring a succeeded connection, give a try before rolling to the next stage.
  1. As you might know, the YM installer are comes with online process which resulting an error in a downloading setup data. This error appeared as a part of a forbidden network. Try to download the YM offline installer from Yahoo download pages & have a try to run it. After installation, make a connection preferences set to no proxy & give a right account to log in.
  2. If you have failed in step #1, take off the network cables & continued to connect the internet from dial up process. Do this stage for only once. After you succeeded to log on, remove the dial up & plug in the network cables. You might also try this step from YM online installer too.
  3. Again, if you have a no connection result after tried solution #2, have a try with Windows Live Messenger (WLM). This new messenger application from Microsoft are comes with it's new feature and able to communicate to the YM (via http?) port. First, download the WLM from Microsoft download page & get the account from .NET Passport. Just follow the wizard to make it done. After succeeded logged in from WLM, make a test connection with your YM friend account. This yet last solution are more practical & successful on me. Good luck!



Eko Wahyudiharto
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