Last Minutes on Pekanbaru

Once again, I was on my journey to Pekanbaru by my own self due to my existing ongoing project on last Saturday. There were several points have to be done on it. I have to completed some missing documents after got flooded last month, installing the main server & also checking the network status. The next target date will be on 2nd week of this month, so I have to working on it as fast as I can.

By the way, the server are come with Dell brand name, inside the box are stay 3 GHz Intel processor, 1 GB of RAM & 160 GB hard drive. I've installing it with Linux Fedora Core 5 & finished for less than 30 min. The server are done configured with Apache web server & MySQL 5 to accommodate the needs.

To backing up the data, i also set the automatic data recovery which run at 01.00 pm every single day & optionally to powering off at 05.00 pm with cron daemon assist. Hope that the hardware are qualified to fulfill the operational for several years.



Eko Wahyudiharto
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