Short Reviews of Archos Gmini 500

If you are looking for PMP (Portable Media Player), maybe you have to read my article below.

PMP is trend gadget for now on. It can play various of multimedia formats such audio,video and stills images. It can also functioned as mobile storage too. With it's large storage capacity, you may watch couple dvd quality movies, or just hear thousand of mp3 files until you ear nearly deaf :).

Archos is one of the branded name produced this gadget. A lot of series it mades, just likes i used to: the Gmini 500 series.

Some formats it can play such mp3, wav, wmv and avi video files from divx. It's capacity is 30GB, using 2.5" small size notebook hard drives. More room you can save on this gadget and totally replaces a small usb flash disk units.

It's 4" wide-screens give you more comfortable to watch the video, even the size is not using a standard resolution when you enjoyed from the LCD. It could shows a cropped pictures, but it would not happen if you watch from TV with the available cables connected to.

Some big lacks I have to tell you is: It doesn't support natively VCD DAT (MPEG) files. You have to convert it with an application included. It will damn screwed you since you have to spend large enough money to buy this gadget at a cost of Rp. 5.500.000 (US$ 590).
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Maybe you should considered another names like ipod video or somethings before having a plan to buy a PMP gadgets.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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