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I've currently using Mac OSX for couple months & -- hard-to-say -- so unwilling to returning back to my previous OS :) Now, I found a pretty beauty UI with complete light-weight professional tools even by (some) native packages OSX installation. On this chance, I'd like to share a continuously article revealing any great things inside OSX. It could be an interesting article purposed to anyone who planned to learn OSX from others OS.

There were 3 previous articles completely describing about step-by-step of preparing & installing Mac OSX on an X86 machine (Acer Aspire One - 8.9" screen). It also a good start for you:

#1. So, How to Show Disk Space?

It's a different treatment to find out how to show disk space on Mac. Choose Get Info menu from a partition (right-click) in Finder & it'll show the information.

Or, it just the same way in Linux via "df" command in Terminal :)

#2. Hey, My Keyboard Shortcut is Changed!
Don't panic - at least I also experience this too on my first attempt :). Take a look at keyboard comparison picture below. This is common keyboard layout (Acer Aspire One):

While this below is Apple standard keyboard:

Focus on red-box & compare with this below explanation picture:

Voila, you're on your way now! So, If you want to copying file (for example), press Alt+C instead of common Ctrl+C, and so on. A very complete keyboard shortcut description you may found at

#3. How to PrintScreen?

If your PrtSc button on keyboard is not working to take a copy of screen (or need to change other keyboard shortcut), visit Keyboard & Mouse in Preference window. Make an appropriate key for this function & your button will work now. As you may seen on image above, the F13 button is known as PrtSc button in Mac. If you pressed it, then it'll grab the screen and store it to a file on your desktop. Happy a little practise :)

#4. Another Way to Grab the Screen

If trick #3 doesn't satisfied you, then grab the Grab. There's 4 capture modes available depends on your need.

#5. An Apple () logo. How?
Simply press Shift+Windows+K. But it doesn't recognized in Facebook :(

#6. Built-in Stickies

Do you know that OSX provides (even) tiny sticky note tools? Go get it from Application in Finder.

#7. Automatic Wallpaper Changer

OSX also equipped with this fun too. Open the Preferences window, then point it to Desktop & Screen Saver icon. Set your photo folder, then change the period to activate this feature.

#8. Need Virtual Desktop? There's Spaces

Press F8 to activate this feature. Anyway, you can also move existing application from one screen to another

#9. Spotlight, a Smart Search Engine!

A smart search engine always available on your right-top-corner screen. I was testing it to find a Metallica song with title of The Call of Ktulu. Tested with typing the spotligiht with "Call" word & it resulting out-of expectation! Look at the red circle: 1st circle show the definition taken from Dictionary application. 2nd circle show the image file. 3rd circle display the content of PDF document & last, here's what I've looking for. Pretty informative!

#10. Spotlight as Calculator

Need a calculator? Use Spotlight. But, hey... what's the different with this below picture?

#11. Save As PDF?

Sure! If you're on hurry to make a PDF from a web page (or any applications which have print function), fortunately this OS has a built-in PDF driver on Printer settings.

#12. More Than a Just Preview

Known as multi-preview application such as image & PDF document. But it's more than that, since it fully equipped with basic image tools from resizing image, cropping, displaying multi files on a same window, slideshow function, rotate image & annotation editor! It seems I don't need Adobe Photoshop anymore :)

#13. QuickLook from Finder

Another built-in multi type preview available from Finder. Check it out from thumbnail mode (left red circle) or simply press QuickLook icon (right red circle)!

#14. Text Editor? Use TextEdit

Here's a marriage between Notepad & Wordpad, not suitable for programmer though :)

#15. Vote for Web Designer

Is there any OS support for defining web color natively other than Mac OSX? Again -- all I can say -- it's more than just a preview function in Preview application. Do you think it's not quite enough? There's also DigitalColor Meter you can found on Application :: Utilities too :)

#16. A Real Web Developer OS!

No doubt, with the existence of Mac version of Macromedia Dreamweaver, this OS helping me a lot as a web developer. With XAMPP availability for free, I've successfully made an online application project ( in a week built from scratch with Mac OSX.

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  1. Blogger Daparlins Notes said,

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011 8:30:00 AM

    Can I Install it on my AMD Machine?

    Atar Parlinsky

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011 12:04:00 PM

    Hi Atar,

    OSX86 installations in AMD seems much tricky - since Apple only open it architecture with Intel.

    Anyway, here's a link that claimed successful installation on their AMD machine ==>

    For sure, let you find your machine listed on OSX86 Hardware Compatibility List

    Have a great install! :)

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