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Taken from Wikipedia, CISA is an international professional certification for Information Technology Audit professionals sponsored by ISACA. It's one of prestige degree to determine the position of person who appropriately referred as a "real" scalable IT professional. The "real" words as stated related to achievement of 3 objective things:
#1. CISA demonstrates proven experience
#2. CISA enhances credibility and recognition
#3. CISA means higher earning potential and career advancement

This certification was established in 1978, but the first CISA examination was held in 1981. In 2011, the exam domains has been compressed from 6 to 5 major IT fields contains 200 questions which is:
#1. The Process of Auditing Information Systems (14% of the exam or 28 questions)
#2. Governance and Management of IT (14% of the exam or 28 questions)
#3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation (19% of the exam or 38 questions)
#4. Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support (23% of the exam or 46 questions)
#5. Protection of Information Assets (30% of the exam or 60 questions)

To obtain this certification, there are minimum score need to pass. Before registering the test on ISACA web, it'll be much better to practice your self - so you don't get surprised what the questions test look like.

There are several preparation kits available over the internet, but I do trust with CISA preparation kit delivered from uCertify. This kit designed for Microsoft OS based, so I need a Windows emulator to run the setup installer from my Mac.

The setup is designed as common Windows application installer. Just follow the wizard displayed on the screen and you're ready to start. Anyway, this kit contains 9 main menus:

From the same main window, it also displaying the core of the test menu. It's divided into 2 tabs (Practise Test tab & Study Helper tab).

The Practise Test tab contains 9 preparation test with total 527 questions. Just simply hit the Start button to begin the exercise. The second tab, Study Helper tab contains 6 links menu refer to 2010 CISA domains.

I did the Practise test A with 112 questions just want to know the preview of the test (not to answered it seriously :). After I hit the Start button, it'll display the cover of the exercise contains several editable preferences.

Never mind, ignore it, just hit the Start Test button to get the exercise begin. As you can see the screenshot below, here's what it displayed during the test.

The exercise window contains some informative explanation. There's question number, the time remaining (count-down clock) & group of buttons available just to make the test easiest to control. Even you can hold the exercise by hit the Pause button (just in case you need to pick up the phone ringing or need to go to toilet :). I also admitted that the question was so qualify, complete and comprehensive. There are several kinds of answering type; single choice, multiple choice, matching by dragging and typing the correct answer.

When you hit Pause button during the test, the screen will displaying Test Review window which give you information the detail of all questions & your answer. So you'll know how much unanswered questions in your test.

If you done with the exercise, the Examination Score Card window will displayed and giving you information summary wether you passed or failed for the test. There are also the right answer next to your current answer per question, so you can learn and reviewing your wrong answer.

This is the best kit I ever tried! Why?
#1. Simple kit to preparing your CISA exam
#2. High-qualify, complete and comprehensive questions
#3. Easy to control the test
#4. There's 100% money back guarantee if you failed with a real CISA exam.

If you truly pursuits for CISA certification, I would recommend you to try this kit before you take the real exam or buy the product using the link below:

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