Solving Ovi Suite Certificate Error

Do you know the difference between Nokia Ovi Suite vs Nokia PC Suite? Well, there's really no big difference between the two apart from the UI. Some said that Ovi Suite is actually PC Suite with a revised GUI and substantially reduced functionality and it crashes under Vista a lot more frequently as well. Some others also said that PC Suite was quite a crude and clumsy application that was counter intuitive and had a poor user interface, while Ovi Suite is different; it's much much worse and crashes so often until it's no longer become a useful application :)

Well, here's the time to proof that they thinks is right and it's absolutely right! A problem raised when I try to install Ovi Suite downloaded from official Nokia website (89.6MB) on WIndows XP computer. It's  said "Your computer needs a Windows certificate"

Nokia seems to have used a certificate to sign the code for the Ovi Suite that is too new to have matching authority certificates in XP (especially found on - at least - at SP2). Installing the matching certificates will fixes that. So it's a Nokia (Ovi Suite) problem - they should have used certificates that supported XP. But it is easily fixed.

There's a clue that you have to add certificate manually from given URL ( Anyway that Symantec/VeriSign page is also bad - it should have given the proper installation instructions, and preferably an explanation also.

Hereby, I'd like to explain step-by-step how to fix this problem until Ovi Suite installed as well. First, prepare an internet connection to make the certificate files. Point to URL that given by the Nokia Ovi Suite alert from the browser.

As it can see, that there's 2 certificates code that you need to paste into separate files. Give it both different name with extension ".cer" and save it to anywhere inside your computer.

Next, right click the first certificate and choose Install Certificate.

A Certificate Import Wizard will show. Click Next.

Continue to automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate. Click Next.

Click Finish.

There's a window message tell you that the import operation is successfully. Repeat the same way on last certificate file. As well, the Nokia Ovi Suite installer should have given you an option to proceed with the install without checking the signing :)

Anyway, now Nokia Ovi Suite is ready to use. There's no need to worried about the functionality it self since I believe that Nokia developer have a great decision why they made this application instead of Nokia PC Suite. Hope that this article help you to fix about certificate error during Nokia Ovi Suite installation. See ya around!

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