Yogyakarta: Day 3

Today become my 3rd days training's team. The topics of the day will take parts of some miscellaneous problems regarding to our both database and application schemes. From beginning, we had seriously squeezed the trainer to shared his more knowledges over and over again. This is what he should do equal to what we had paid. It was a damned big money (for this city terms).

Anyway, every night after had a dinner, we always had a meeting, discussed and reviews about what lessons we had get and also collecting more hard problems for tomorrow session. Well, I am saying about 12 hours of heavy-thinking. I'll free my brain at the moments if I can.

Outside above things, mind exhausted had attacked some of the teams - slowly but sure -, just like me. We are planning about leaving the hotel for tonight. It must be bustle of the night when we reached the town center (got to be arround the solo street straight to west until tugu monument and resembling to the south, passing the malioboro regions).


Eko Wahyudiharto
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