Temporary Summary : TDXPrint, TRAWPrint, AssignPrn has Failed

How glad to see my family again, especially meet my dearest baby. I've been missed him so much. I had arrived at jakarta this morning after a night long travelling with taksaka (an express train from yogyakarta to jakarta). As like ussual, i also bought gifts for my closest neighbours. It was a kind of typical yogyakarta snacks called bakpia.

Anyway, the resume of the courses yesterday was not very well satisfied, it is my opinion. A primary problem has not solved, raw printing operation has failed to do. The TDXPrint component it self is not compatible to linux since it using win32 API layer which not yet supported by the emulator (crossover) on linux. Others component named TRAWPrint also did the same thing. Another native delphi function command - "assignprn" - was clearly failed too. This condition makes me hi-frustation.

It will need more self-research on the next day to find a way how to raw printing from delphi. Now, what i need is a day-long sleeps.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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