Yogyakarta: Day 5

Yes, it is my last day in this city. I've got to leave it next on the afternoon. Nevertheless, the problem of the courses due to printing operation seems become a big matter yesterday. The trainer looked-like misunderstanding with our this one request. And my guessed was right about him.

The problem it self came since the delphi still unable to do raw-printing as the same as DOS application (such as clipper or pascal) which directly terminated the printing operation when last character printed out (not scrolling the pages like common win32 application did).

He assumed that pages which printed out was typically line based visual layout. But the fact is not just simply as his tought. Our existing reports used in branches is unique in it visual layout. In my opinion, ideally for the faster edit & better result, it might using kind like a TQuickReport component which have special printing terminated command.

He offered an add-in component named TDXPrint. While me found a similar one named TRAWPrint. This both components have a great result terminating printing process after reaching at the end of the character. But not working with the TQuickReport report designer. This was shock me up too!.

Meanwhile, the last places i've been visited was center of dagadu t-shirt kiosk and malioboro mall. The both places just for the pleasure time during my exhausted weeks on yogyakarta. See ya in Jakarta...


Eko Wahyudiharto
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