Yogyakarta: Day 2

A full day throughout the first training held yesterday had opened my teams insight. They were seriously learned the conceptual of both delphi and the connections to the databases, while me just sit on the back and surf the internet all day long. I thought that they just understanding what is the main differentiation between delphi and power builder instead.

Today, i'm planning about break-in my prototype i've been made before. Just share to the trainner what will have to be done to make it more perfectly.

However, after an exhausted day yesterday, my whole body muscles was irritated - until now precisely. I had swallowed a piece of procold and enervon-c last night, hoped that it fitted this morning. But it didn't. Maybe, what I need is a real massage to recover my tendons. We'll see it later...


Eko Wahyudiharto
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