Go Open Source (part I)

After obstructed by several reasons, finally the task to migrating the servers into open source operating system in the company I've been worked has begin. At the first step, we are planning to moved in the mail server using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and I was having chance to do this.

By time, the new pure server machine has arrived and ready to replace the old one. So, we are totally create the mail server from the scratch with a new box. It came with 3GHz Intel dual xeon processor, RAM 2GB, 800GB of SATA storage which separate into 2 plates and very noisy blowers at the back panel.

On this machine, I'm planning about to create a mirror storage scheme using RAID-1 technology. So that the email data's will be more enough safe. The installation of 6 CD's RHEL are quite fast with complete install option. It takes nearly 1GB of storages. Therefore, several Linux distribution are known failed since there were problems between setup session, likes Fedora Core 4 seems to be crash and displaying a kernel panic log messages, the Xandros & CentOS Linux displaying a blank black on the monitor, the IGOS Nusantara (IGN) 2006 failed to create RAID-1 and so on and so on.

Anyway, for this RAID-1 machine, I configured out the partition tables just right the picture below:

The first partition are split into 3 system partition, such as: 80GB as the system (/), 300GB dedicated for the email storage (/opt) and 1.5GB as the swap partition. While the second partition are fully mirror from the email storage mounted on /dev/md0.

This black thin noisy server are running without any daemons up. Next picture are figured out the "top" command results:

Meanwhile, we're currently holding about 1000 accounts & already using Merak Mail Server as the backend since it was licensed & bought for many years ago. It was a mistake indeed (but it wasn't me). Just like a TV commercials said "Tanya kenapa?"


Eko Wahyudiharto
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