Solo (day 2)

Officially, I was planned in Solo within 2 days. So, today might be my last day in the city and the technician must be on they way to set the VSAT dish in order to test the rest link with my own hands. But, the bad news has came. The technicians are more late since there were a train accident happened around the Cirebon and it make the schedules are completely out of my prediction.

However, it is not become my responsibility anymore since it late. I turn the test jobs to my team in Regional Office because I have to back to Jakarta for tomorrow and my boss had excused me in.

Anyway, tons of ideas I’ve got from discuss result between my team and me. My next strategy is to combined the idea to create an evolution to make more effectiveness and efficiency exclude from using of the VSAT technologies. Hopefully that I can make it soon.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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