Solo (day 1)

I was in Solo with a mission to establishing a VSAT FREE TRIAL link connection upon the Solo Regional Office. This job has been dedicated to me to rearrange the vendor company (PT. P****R) from the start until it finished to setup, and me as the mediator between the vendor technicians and my team in Regional Office.

Fortunately, the job was out from the schedules planned earlier. My first day in it is away to waiting the technician and the hardware come from Jakarta. They are so late & not too professional! And I’ve been so mess up with this. Anyway, there are lots of weird things shows that the vendors are not too qualify with it’s job.

In noon, the hardware is finally to arrive. It is contains of steel stacks tower and a dish with 1.8m diameter with a logo picture below (and I was curious what company exactly behind the logo is. I’ll continue my searching time when I logged into my office soon)

So, where the hell is the technician?


Eko Wahyudiharto
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